The stunning landscape of blue and green

The landscape is marked by the blue of the sea and the lagoons and the green of the fields and forest on the various islands and shows the human uses and activities molded to the relief, associated to a great diversity of forms, since it defines the zoning of the cultures, of the vegetation natural and even the climatic comfort necessary to the inhabitants of the villages.

In general, up to 200 meters above sea level, most of the settlements are located (urban territory occupying ca. 5% of the land concentrated in a strip near the coast or main road) and agricultural land, vineyards and other fruit trees; it follows a great part of the pastures, some bushes or woods until about 400 meters; above the 1000 meters run the altitude scrub. The freshwater masses, mainly lagoons and streams, correspond to 0.41% of the terrestrial surface of the Azores.


Virgílio Vieira