The Archipelago of the Azores has a temperate marine climate, characterized by mild temperatures with small annual thermal amplitude, high relative humidity and rainfall distributed throughout the year, being more abundant in the winter months. It is influenced by the well-known «Azores Anticiclone».

The annual average air temperature is around 17 ° C, with the mean values ​​of 18-23 ° C and 9-14 ° C respectively in the hottest month (August) and the coldest (February). The temperature of the sea water varies between 14-15 ° C in the coldest month (February) and 22-24 ° C in the hottest month (August).

The relative humidity of the air is in the annual average values ​​of 73 to 87%. The average annual precipitation is 1930 mm, increasing with altitude and from East to West of the archipelago, between 966 mm on Graciosa Island and 2647 mm on Flores Island.