Senior Tourism And Well-Being
in Azores destiny:
Creation of a cultural product


Initiative of the Azores 2020 Operational Program, with ERDF and ORAA funding

Research Team: Teresa Medeiros, Ana Moniz, Licínio Tomás, Osvaldo Silva, Virgílio Vieira & Carlos Santos
Coordination: Teresa Medeiros
Consultant: Joaquim Ferreira

Technical support: Sheila Furtado

Collaboration of volunteers: Ilda Magalhães, Antonieta Meneses, Margarida Oliveira, Leonor Garcia, Marina Dias, Fernanda Lezaola and Linda Luz

In recent years, the tourism sector has contributed to alleviate the economic crisis and increase employment, leveraging the Portuguese (and Azorean) economy. Considering that senior tourism is an expanding segment, as a result of the demographic increase of the world’s elderly population and the increase in life expectancy, the Tu-Senior 55+ Project aims to develop programmatic models of actions / initiatives with their own content and cultural and playful-expressive activities, adequate to the promotion of health and well-being to the Senior public in their different values, limitations and needs. The need to know and equip with stimulating content the actions from the reception, monitoring and monitoring of all activities for this population segment, is supported by an inter and multidisciplinary research process.

The main objective of the project “Senior tourism and well-being in Azores destination: creation of a cultural product” focuses on the design, structuring and development of a promotional product of actions and sequenced initiatives that integrate cultural and environmental activities within an articulated framework which sets up an occupational itinerary that meets the health and wellness needs of people over 55 years of age.


In methodological terms, the present study uses the multi-site method and the multivariate analysis, proceeding in two stages or two complementary studies: Studies 1 and 2.

Study 1 focuses on conducting a questionnaire survey of an off-center sample of senior tourists aged 55 or over who visit the Azores destination. The data collection is carried out in different locations selected according to their relevance to the archipelago. This research is predominantly quantitative and involves the construction of a survey instrument with standardized factors and dimensions capable of assessing the attitudes, aptitudes, motivations, expectations, satisfaction and requests of senior tourists over 55 years of age.

Specific objectives of Study 1:

– Understand the motivations, interests and needs of senior tourists, consumers of the Azores destination, namely the consumption of a cultural product and optimization of health and well-being.

– Verify the accessibility needs and other peculiarities of food, safety, health, transport and others.

– To deduce if the destination Azores is desired and what its potentialities / limitations in the matter of senior tourism.

Study 2 focuses on the privileged actors, promoters and actors in tourism who hold relevant information both in terms of specialized knowledge and in terms of understanding the state of tourism trends in the tourism sector as a whole. The consultation of the main stakeholders (political decision-makers, tourism institutions, hotel directors, travel agents, guides, businessmen, museums, restaurants, etc.) requires a qualitative methodology. will be dealt with on the basis of an analysis of content and the creation of comprehensive / interpretive categories capable of providing us with material that can not be accessed by other means.

Specific objectives of Study 2:

– Inquire agents, operators in the tourism sector, hotel agents, animation agents and government entities on the specifics of the senior tourism segment.

– Know the habits, routines, practices and appetences of senior visitors in the Azores destination.

– Understand the type of requests that may provide information for the development of specific cultural programs as a product for senior tourism.

– Check the potential and opportunities of the natural environment and the cultural resources of the Azores destination.

– Conduct a SWOT analysis, in the provision of services and activities to the senior tourism segment.

Evolution of the Project